Frequently Asked Questions

1Can we bring our own fabric?
Yes! Feel free to bring your own fabric of choice.
2Do you have fabric available for us to choose from?
Yes! We have a range of premium fabric specially selected by our designer.
3What is the lead time?
For off-peak season, lead time is 4 weeks while peak season is usually 8 weeks.
4How many fittings do we have?
We try our best to make it perfect in one fitting but usually two is sufficient but three is never a problem.
5Do you do alterations for other clothing?
Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate for other alterations except for our designs.
6Can we just walk in?
Best to inform us via WA at 91023818 beforehand as we operate only by appointments.
7What are the modes of payment?
Cash, PayNow, PayLah or Bank Transfer.